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Our Core Philosophy

We work for the success of the people we work with and see them more as being in strategic alliance with us rather than just a B2B relationship. We treat our customers as well as our employees, like we ourselves would like to be treated. These are not mere words but reflect the universal code of conduct that we believe in wholeheartedly. Our team believes in the mutual benefits and rewards that must come from a working relationship. Therefore, our deep respect for the community, integrity and personal responsibility guide us each day, inspired by an “attitude of gratitude” in all we do and for all we have received.

Our Services

When the right technology is put in place together with the right human participation, best practices and transparent accountable systems… IT systems can function as a critical tool in developing and delivering solutions

IT Consulting & Project Delivery

No matter what your IT needs - software product engineering, enterprise application integration, outsourcing, technology solution implementations or turnkey application development, we can help you forge ahead.

Enterprise Technology Solutions

Whether you need a standalone app, want to compliment your online presence or develop large scale integrated solutions, we can help. Bring in business and process efficiencies by employing IoT implementations.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Whether you are a creative content provider, a movie studio, a gaming company, an entertainment based organization, a publishing company or a news agency, we can help you join the league that is able to guarantee an immersive experience that guarantees the complete engagement of the user.

Business Intelligence & Predictive Analysis

No matter what, you still need business intelligence to know what really happened in the past, but you also need predictive analytics to optimize your resources as you look to make decisions and take actions for the future. Let our analysts give you the information you had always needed.

Private Cloud Implementation

If you want to implement a cloud, we can assist you in building your secure private cloud. No matter what your choice of the cloud: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or the 5Y Private Cloud, our experienced IT team can get you set up.

Outsourcing Services

Focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest. Leverage our on-site, on-shore, off-shore resource model and our unique experience gained from the various global engagements to get a world class technology team serving you as your Value Added Partner

5Y can answer all your business and technology needs

A Comprehensive Solution… Much more than outsourced software development
Partnering from Concept to Solution Delivery to Realization
Software Product Development/ Product Management Services
Outsourcing on-site, on-shore and off-shore
Agile Methodology and Engineering Maturity

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